KSU Online: MOOCs



What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is a free (Open) online course that is available to anyone with Internet access.

How is a MOOC different from a KSU Online Course?

MOOCs are open to anyone with Internet access and are free of charge. KSU online courses are open only to students who meet university, program, and course prerequisites. For example, to take a KSU online course, you must be a student enrolled at KSU. Also, students must pay tuition and fees to take KSU online courses while KSU MOOCs are free.

Can I earn college credit by taking a KSU MOOC?

KSU MOOCs are designed so that participants can leverage their work to earn additional educational benefits. Some KSU MOOCs are structured to earn college credit if all parts of the MOOC are completed and submitted for transfer credit evaluation. Other MOOCs will be offered with opportunities for discounted Executive Education opportunities, Professional Certification, or Continuing Education Units. In all cases, the student work must meets the standards of the KSU program faculty who are sponsoring the MOOC. For credit generating opportunities, students must meets the academic program entrance requirements to receive college credit that will apply to that program. There will be a fee to cover the evaluation of the materials.

Is there a limit on the number of participants in a MOOC?

No, in most cases, KSU MOOCs are open to any interested party (Massive). The first MOOC offered at Stanford University had over 160,000 participants. However some of the planned open courses have a specialized audience focus and may enroll far fewer participants. While MOOCs focus on "Massive", Kennesaw State focuses on quality, community and access.

How can a professor manage a class with so many students?

MOOCs are designed so that learners can assist one another. They also make use of technology to provide content, assessments and feedback. KSU MOOCs are carefully designed by KSU professors working with skilled Instructional Designers. This research-based design is coupled with the use of state of the art technology to provide students with an outstanding learning experience.

Why MOOCs?

At Kennesaw State University, MOOCs are faculty driven initiatives designed to increase access to education and highlight KSU's centers of excellence. Our goal is to offer educational pathways that invite the regional, national, and international community to join us in a learning experience. The Open Courses at KSU have the potential to lower program costs and increase access to education while shortening degree completion time. In accordance with Complete College Georgia, the MOOCs will also target adult learners and those from rural areas seeking to expand their educational opportunities. The open courses will offer levels of participation ranging from general community interest to professional learning or certification. Several courses will offer options for qualified students to convert their MOOC activities to transfer credit.

How do I sign up for a KSU MOOC?

Open Courses are Kennesaw State University are available at set times throughout the year. Visit the University System of Georgia's Coursera website to Register for Free.

If you are interested in receiving information for that MOOC or future MOOCs, please go to the MOOC Mailing List sign up page. If you have questions about MOOCs at KSU, please email us at mooc@kennesaw.edu.

How do I get information about specific KSU MOOCs?

Visit the Course Page for specific information and FAQs about a particular course, or join our mailing list for updated information as more courses are offered

How do I get information about KSU's credit hour bearing online courses and programs?

For more information about KSU's credit hour bearing online courses and programs, please visit KSU Online.